US Premier: 1992

While working for Disney animation, Howard wrote a treatment along with six songs (music by Alan Menken) for an animated version of the Aladdin stories from the Tales of the Arabian Nights. Disney rejected the treatment. After Howard’s death, the project was revived with a new story and additional songs by Alan Menken and Tim Rice to suit the new story line. Three of Howard’s original songs remained in the film: Friend Like Me, Prince Ali and Arabian Nights.

Howard Ashman
Howard Ashman
Howard Ashman
Howard Ashman
Howard Ashman

Ironically, Howard actually played Aladdin in a Childrens’ Theatre Association Production in 1965

Directed by :
Ron Clements and John Musker
Lyrics by : Howard Ashman
Lyrics by : Tim Rice
Music by : Alan Menken


Arabian Nights
Friend Like Me
Prince Ali
Arabian Nights (reprise)
Proud Of Your Boy (not used in film)
Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kasim (not used in film)
How Quick They Forget (not used in film)
High Adventure (not used in film)
Call Me A Princess (not used in film)
Humiliate The Boy (not used in film)