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Jodi Benson

  • The Smile Reunion Concert

    I for one have avoided every reunion I’ve ever been invited to, which includes High School, College and Family.  And I’ll continue to do so (okay, maybe I’m so old that I’ll go to a family reunion some time) but the Smile Reunion Concert…now that was a really fine time. First of all, and I [...]

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  • Talking With Jodi Benson – Part Two

        Actors can be very odd. Big news, right? But the thing that strikes me the oddest about Jodi Benson is how very un-odd she is.  To me, at least, she seems to be a wife and mother who home-schools her kids, probably makes a really good tuna casserole (okay, that’s conjecture but you [...]

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  • Talking With Jodi Benson – Part One

    I thought it might be a nice idea to do some interviews for this blog.  You know, talk to some of Howard’s friends and colleagues, do a little informal interviewing, that sort of thing.  Problem is, I’m basically very shy.  And I’m totally inept around anything that involves moving parts – like tape recorders, for [...]

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