• That name on its own is hilarious. Sounds like the villain of an 80's high school movie.
  • That you did. :) And I'm afraid my dream cast does, ideally, split up Orin's parts. It's a nice solution to working with a small cast, but without limitations, I see no imperative to keep them all one person. (As much fun as it would be to see Se…
  • The Dream Cast, coming to a theater somewhere, eventually: Seymour Krelborn - Jay Baruchel Audrey - Sierra Boggess Mr. Mushnik - Nathan Lane Orin Scrivello, D.D.S. - Seth MacFarlane Audrey II - (if male) Tom Waits/(if female) Robyn Adele Anderson U…
  • @MondoMusicals I wondered once or twice about something along those lines, except having the Plant voiced by the actor playing Audrey in a voice just different enough from her normal Brooklyn lisp. As if it recognized and leaned toward a voice that…
  • Given "Les Poissons" and "Be Our Guest", I can't say that's a surprise. :)
    in Paris Comment by AudreyJr May 2014
  • That's quite understandable. I will admit, though, to a couple of ad-libs during my stint as the Plant in my school's recent production of LSoH. A few of us did them, but they was never egregious or out-of-character, nor our director's suggestions.
  • @Mikhail_Cucuk I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I see no reason besides an audience member's predilections why an appropriately sinister voice actress couldn't be the Plant. I always thought the best alternative to the normal thundering, gro…


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