Call Back in the Morning

I was just curious, do you know why Call Back in the Morning wasn't on the OOBC of Little Shop?


  • Hi Andi, Alan says he believes it was an issue of time and space on the physical record. Back in the pre-CD, pre-screen day, LPs were limited in the amount of content they could hold. You see songs dropped off of many cast albums, pre CD.
  • How about all of those chunks of the score of FOLLIES being omitted from its original cast album? (It COULD have had a two-LP set, but the record company wasn't totally interested in a show about middle aged ex-showgirls bickering with their stage door Johnny husbands back then. Sondheim wasn't "Sondheim!", yet.)

    I'm just grateful that some aspects of that glorious production that I never saw were captured. (Dorothy Collins, anyone?) And I'm grateful that the original cast of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS was preserved, too.
  • Thanks for the info! :)
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