"Your Adoption Papers"?

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OK this has bugged me for nearly 30 years. I see looking at Howard's 02-14-85 script that "Mushnik & Son" is cut, and the line "The sudden success around here; your adoption papers" has been changed to "The sudden success around here; the press coverage". But man, it sure looks as though Audrey II is lip-synching the adoption line. Watch the video. Am I dreaming?

Hi, my name is Martin, and I think way too much about this kind of thing.


  • I honestly don't know, I haven't paid much attention to the lip-synching of the Audrey 2 puppet.
  • I am very focused on the lip-sync because I think it's kind of magical how they managed to just kind of "indicate" the words with lip shapes without actually doing a literal lip-sync. And because I just love puppetry in general & Audrey II is one of the greatest of them all!
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