Jewish Names and Use of Yiddishisms

Recently, I found myself "analyzing" (for want of a better term) the names of the cast of LSOH, and noticed that two of them- Mr. Mushnik and Seymour Krelborn- have decidedly Jewish names. Knowing that Howard was of Jewish cultural descent, I get the feeling that he gave them such names to set them apart from the other characters, or perhaps as a tongue-in-cheek reference to his own heritage. I mean, think about: How many goyim do you know of that are named Krelborn or Mushnik?

Also, I remember that there was a line in the song "Feed Me" in which Audrey 2 told Seymour to "not be a putz." Admittedly, this one of many Yiddishisms that has permeated colloquial American English, but still, I couldn't help but notice it.

Landsman that I am, I take subversive delight in this little realization.


  • Little Shop is based on a movie.
  • Well, yes, I know that, but I'm guessing that Roger Corman (whose surname, again, sounds rather Jewish) hadn't given the characters their surnames, so Howard "improvised" them for the musical.

    Note: Operative word is "guess."
  • False. Altogether entirely false.
  • In the original movie, it was Seymour Krelboyn, and Mr. Mushnick (not to mention, Audrey Fulquard). And Mushnick was MUCH more overtly Jewish in the film.

    I was a fan of the original film before I saw the musical, so that's the kind of thing that really stuck out to me. :)

  • @MondoMusicals Ah, interesting to know.
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