Animation on the Stage: Who's Next?

I've recently found myself thinking about all the animated films that have been adapted into stage musicals. From Disney, we've had the huge successes of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, THE LION KING, ALADDIN, and THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (which first produced in Berlin in 1999, and has recently adapted for the American stage), and the- how do I put this politely?- ambitious disappointments of THE LITTLE MERMAID and TARZAN, while DreamWorks has seen the the production of a musical adaptation of SHREK. (And, in regards to Disney, they're apparently working on a Broadway musical of FROZEN, if you can believe that!)

Now, I'm left wondering: What animated films will be put on stage next? I'd love to hear anyone else's suggestions!


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    There are a great many animated musicals that I'd love to see on the stage, but chief among them are the Disney films POCAHONTAS, MULAN, and THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG, and DreamWorks' THE ROAD TO EL DORADO and THE PRINCE OF EGYPT*.

    *Actually, this one might not be too far away. I once heard that it is being adapted, but haven't heard about any further developments...
  • Maybe this is heresy, but I'd rather see Disney put their resources into a musical not adapted from one of their animated properties. It sure can be family friendly and commercially viable, but why not ask Alan Menken or someone of his caliber if there's a project of that ilk he's wanted to do NOT adapted from an animated movie? Disney could be even MORE of a major player in the theater by creating new properties.

    Having said that, I think HUNCHBACK would be great, despite the mixed reception it received at Papermill. Maybe it'll happen on Broadway some day. I think it's the best of the animated film scores written after Howard's death. I also think it's Menken's best job of underscoring a film.
  • Maybe Disney would like to do Rosewater. Nah, maybe not. Insert smiley emoji here.
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    I cannot overstate how much I enjoyed Hunchback. Once they iron out the kinks, I expect it to join Aladdin on Broadway.. unless Disney wants to avoid getting into competition with itself. *rimshot*

    As for animated movies that aren't musicals yet, I'd love there to be a stage version of The Lorax. In my opinion, the movie was mediocre*, but also full of untapped potential. There were some wonderful ideas at play, but also some very Hollywood ideas. (Can I use "Hollywood" as an adjective?) If someone tried to improve upon what the movie did, they could make a great show.

    *to be fair, what's mediocre to a manchild may be absolutely wonderful to an actual child
  • Hunchback is my favorite, though I haven't watched the new musical I greatly enjoy the German version of it. I'm excited and I hope they'll push it all the way to Broadway.
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