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Facebook has turned up some people who have memories of working with Howard at IU. Would love to hear your stories.


  • A mutual colleague, Bruce Brummage, sent me a YouTube clip of Howard, so he's been on my mind today. (Bruce is the costumer for Conan O'Brian.) I'm not in the theatre anymore, but I have wonderful memories working with Howard on The Snow Queen, and also as the costumer for Uncle Vanya, in which Howard acted. A genius then and an amazing combination of "fun" and high standards. He had so much more to give, we can only imagine.
  • Obviously I never worked with Howard at IU, but below's a link to an Indiana University Archives blog that features a letter Howard wrote to R. Keith Michael, Chair of the Department of Theatre and Drama. Howard gave a lecture at his alma mater in 1987. It's always a pleasure to read Howard's writing.

  • Thanks for posting, Ryan.
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